About Project

Photohunter.pro is a convenient platform for selling photos, where every beginner and professional photographer can earn and develop their skills at any time and anywhere in the world.

### List of Services and Prices:

1. **Registration on the platform**: Free
   - Photographers can register on the platform for free, create their profile and unique badge with their own code word, photograph people with their permission anywhere, and earn money while expanding their client base and developing their photography skills.

2. **Creating and uploading photos**:
   - Photographers can upload an unlimited number of photos to the platform.

3. **Purchasing photos by clients**:
   - **Free download**: Photographers can make their photos available for free download.
   - **Client sets the price**: Clients set their own price for downloading photos, but no less than 10 UAH per photo.
   - **Paid download**: Photographers set the price for downloading their photos, which is agreed upon with the client before the photoshoot.

4. **Withdrawing funds**:
   - Minimum withdrawal amount: 500 UAH
   - Funds are withdrawn within 24 hours after the request is submitted.

### Description of Services:

- **Registration on the platform**: The registration process includes creating a photographer's profile with all the necessary data for work.
- **Creating and uploading photos**: Photographers can upload their photos, which will be available for viewing and purchasing by clients.
- **Purchasing photos by clients**: Clients can browse photographers' photos, select and add them to the cart. Payment is then made according to the price set by the photographer or the client, and the client can download the photos.
- **Withdrawing funds**: Photographers can withdraw their earned funds to their bank accounts after reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.

PHOTOGRAPH. EARN. DEVELOP. Together with Photohunter.PRO.