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For all questions, you can contact the phone number +380977792222 or send a message to admin@photohunter.pro

To upload your photos, you don't need to register on the site! After purchasing a photo, your personal account will be automatically created for you and a link to download the photo will be sent to your email!

In order to find your photo, on the main page, click "find your photo", then specify the country, city, date and select the photographer who photographed you.

You paid for a photo and you can't download it, then write about your problem on our Viber WhatsApp or Telegram +380977792222 and we will definitely help you.

In order to download a photo without a watermark, you need to pay the amount indicated by the photographer, or you can set the price of the photo at your discretion. After payment, you will be transferred to your personal account where you can download the photo already without a watermark.

There are two reasons why you cannot find your photo: 1. 14 days have passed since the photographer posted her (them) on the site (such photos are automatically deleted) 2. The photographer has not yet uploaded photos from the date you have chosen, please try again later. If the photos of the date you have chosen are uploaded and you cannot find yours among them, then contact the photographer by phone number indicated in his account.

Please note that photos are automatically deleted after 14 days have elapsed, but if you have downloaded your photo and want it to be deleted without waiting for automatic deletion, contact the photographer at the phone number listed on his page.

Photos are stored on the site for 14 days, after which they are automatically deleted. If you want the photographer to delete your photo without waiting for automatic deletion, contact the photographer at the phone number listed on his page.

You can contact the photographer at the phone number indicated on his page or ask the question you need in his social. networks (if specified).

For all complaints, you can contact by phone +380977792222.

For all questions, you can contact the phone number +380977792222 or send a notification to us on Viber Whatsapp Telegram Wechat

If you are unable to create your account, you can contact us by phone +380977792222 or send a message describing the essence of the problem to our email admin@photohunter.pro indicating your phone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are unable to log into your account and you are sure that your login and password are entered correctly, then call +380977792222 or send a request to nss.hmua@gmail.com, describe the problem, indicate your phone number or id on the site and we will We will definitely call you back as soon as possible.

If you cannot upload your photos, write to us at +380977792222 in Vber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat NOTE! The photo size should not exceed 30 MB.

Photos on the site are stored for 14 days from the date of addition, after which they are automatically deleted.

As of today, you can upload an unlimited number of free photos, but remember that all photos will be deleted 14 days after they are uploaded.

The Photohunter.pro portal withholds a commission from each downloaded photo in the amount of 20 % and each subsequent purchase, regardless of the amount, can be credited to the portal account if your account has a zero balance or an amount insufficient to cover the commission. There is no need to replenish your account to pay the commission, the program will do it for you automatically

You will receive money to your account on the site, and if you want to withdraw it to the card, you will need to go to the "Payment data" section and indicate the Name, Surname and number of the card to which you want to withdraw money (Money will be credited to the card within 24 hours )

If you have suggestions for improving the site, you can write to us at Viber - Whatsapp - Telegram - Wechat +380977792222 and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you want to develop, as well as earn money with the help of photography? Then you need to take three simple steps. STEP # 1. Complete the full registration on the portal STEP # 2. Create your own unique business card, thanks to which each client can easily and quickly find you on the site. STEP #3 Take, edit and upload your photos with a cost per download. STEP # 4 Withdraw money to your card from anywhere in the world within 24 hours in the payment details section.

If you want to delete your account, go to "Settings" under "Security" and delete your account. We sincerely hope that you will never need this feature!

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Sale of photos / website for photographers

We will try to briefly tell you about this idea where every professional photographer can earn an additional 400 to 3000 dollars per month, and maybe even more! It all depends on how you will photograph and how much attention will be paid to this idea and in which countries to use it!

We have created for you a website for photographers from all over the world, Photohunter.pro, where each project participant who knows how to photograph can earn extra money with us on those days when there are no orders, as well as start his way from a beginner photographer to a professional. We are confident that this project will only speed up this path and simplify, make it more interesting and exciting. Each photographer will be able to find for himself on this site, something new, useful and even the most

the best professionals will be able to take advantage of one of the many options for making money on this project.

All you need to do is go through a simple, and most importantly, free registration on the Photohunter.pro website and create and then send to print unique business cards thanks to which each client whom you photograph can easily find and pick up their photos on our website!

Indicate on the business card all your data and contact phone number so that customers can contact you and invite you to take pictures of their holidays.

When you take a photo of someone on the street, all you need to do is just give a business card so that later the client can find his photos easily and quickly, and after he finds him he needs, he will add them to the basket and buy for the price that you indicated ... Also on the site there is such an opportunity to purchase photos as “The cost is dictated by the client” in this option the client will pay you the cost that he considers possible, and there is also a third way to download a photo this “free download” the client can download everything for free, but even in this option, he has the opportunity to thank you with any amount at his discretion.

Testing the site - We tested the site with both professionals and amateurs and the minimum income that we could get for an hour of “work” walking in Ukraine was $ 25, and the largest one for three hours of photo walk, the income was $ 100, we are sure that you will do much better, the main thing is to believe in yourself and are not afraid to approach people and invite them to take pictures.

Tips for beginner photographers.

Do not be afraid of refusals, but some people do not want to be photographed and for this there are a sea of ​​reasons that they do not need you to roll out, if you were told "No" do not worry, as there will always be those ahead who say "Yes"

Choose the right locations - good locations are those where young couples walk, this is the best option, they are always positive and make great contact, and as a rule, 85% of a hundred then download these are couples in love!

In second place, the company’s photos are bought very well, the more people in the company, the better, the main thing is that the company has a positive attitude, do not forget to distribute business cards to everyone, without exception, since each of them can go in and buy their photos, there were more than one cases when in the company, almost everyone downloaded the same photos for money, although for good one could download one and send the photos to all friends!

The third place is photography in parks where families with children walk.You can just walk around the playgrounds and take pictures of children (with the permission of their parents), in this case there is a huge percentage of the likelihood that all interesting pictures will be sold out.

Working with a promoter - you can go to take pictures on your own, or you can take one or several promoters with you who can invite everyone to your photo zone at a distance of 30-50 meters where I am sure you can take pictures of them with the help of a portable portable pulsed light.

It does not matter in which city or country you take pictures, Ukraine or Russia, Belarus or India, we are sure always and everywhere you can find those who want to be photographed and pay you generously for it!

We have translated the site into 29 different languages ​​of the world, and we are sure that in any country people will be able to find photos and download.

All photographers in the world who are engaged in such areas as wedding photography, reportage photography, portrait photography, family photography, street photo can easily

make money on this project, we will shoot a video for you, you can follow us at this link https://clck.ru/ZKXbu on our youtube channel

We are sure that if you wish, each of you will be able to earn and expand your client base very easily and quickly.

All a pleasant, and most importantly productive photo of the hunt, today and always!


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